Billy and Jeni


Bill and Jeni Morris are the owners of the newly opened Laser Lounge Spa located in the Shops at Verandah. Bill was born just outside of Orlando, but was raised in Mississippi. Bill received his Masters in medical science (PA degree) at NOVA. Since receiving his Masters, Bill has worked 13 years in the ER, which is where Bill met Jonathan, owner and founder of The Laser Lounge Spa. Bill worked in the ER with Jonathan for a number of years, which is where owning his own store was sparked. Bill is excited to own and operate his own Laser Lounge Spa and is looking forward to keeping clients happy.

Jeni was born in Ohio, but has lived in Southwest Florida for most of her life. Jeni met Bill when they were both attending college at NOVA. Before coming to The Laser Lounge Spa, Jeni worked as a court reporter for 12 years. Bill and Jeni are both excited to be able to work together. The two have three kids together and in their free time they enjoy having family time.

Front Desk

Marisa Lynn Fallacara is one of the many smiling faces you’ll see walking through the doors of The Laser Lounge Spa. Marisa is a part of the reception team at The Laser Lounge Spa and truly enjoys day-to-day interactions with people.

Hailing from Kansas City, Missouri, Marisa has lived in Florida for several years now, and absolutely loves the beauty industry and learning new things. Marisa is also Obagi certified! Marisa looks forward to the extreme growth of the company and what it has in store for the future.

Laser Specialist
Board Certified Medical Electrologist
Skin Care Consultant

Paris is originally from the Golden Coast, growing up in Sacramento, CA and made it down to the Sunshine State in 2006. Paris has been a Board Certified Laser Technician with The Laser Lounge Spa since 2011. Paris has a state license and certification in order to be a Laser Technician, Electrologist and consultant, which she received in Sarasota. Originally being a Fraxel Technician, Paris prides herself on being able to tackle some of the toughest skin issues including stretch marks, acne scars, surgical scars, pores, and fine lines.

“Skin care is my passion. It is so fulfilling to make people feel beautiful about their appearance,” says Paris. “I am results driven and my favorite part of the job is seeing happy clients following Fraxel Laser Treatment.” Paris is also a firm believer in the Obagi skin care line, available at The Laser Lounge Spa. “I love Obagi. It’s a medical grade product that produces great results. I have been using it for three years now, I believe in it because I see the results with my own eyes.” Paris is constantly educating herself to further broaden her horizons and continue to grow throughout her career. In her free time, Paris enjoys shopping and spending time with her future husband and Rottweiler.